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About Meredith Leigh Pratt

Meredith Leigh Pratt is an Information Design Manager at Eagle Investment Systems in Wellesley, Massachusetts. What began as a career in copywriting and broadcast news has turned into a passion for helping global organizations acquire a consolidated view of information from product to mission-critical data to help make smarter, faster decisions, and to align a highly distributed workforce.

Presently, Meredith considers herself to be a UX Research and Design enthusiast. She is dedicated to learning more about this growing field and pursuing further opportunities within it.

Growing up, the news was always front and center in Meredith’s home, so it was natural for her to pursue broadcast journalism at the College of Communication at Boston University. Starting there, video, print, and the PC became a continuum of communications tools for her. Starting part-time while at school and then full-time right after, Meredith started working at local ad agencies as a junior writer and at local stations like WPEP-AM where she both edited and anchored the news. Around this time, she was first exposed to marketing writing for financial services working as a writer at First Financial Marketing Group.

After exposure to the information complexity of technology in financial services, she decided to pursue a Master’s in Technical Communication at Northeastern University and was recruited right out of graduate school by the legendary Bell Labs. She has played a variety of roles in enterprise technology companies from Documentation Manager, to Information Architect, to Product Designer, at companies like Kemper, MFS, Sungard, Thompson, Omgeo, and Eagle Investment Systems.

After a couple of decades in enterprise communication, Meredith has come to believe that companies need to take a strategic approach to managing data by focusing not on the information systems but on the value of the information itself. To really get to the underlying questions that are driving barriers to growth, productivity, and increasing sales, senior leaders should be asking, “how can our customer focus be more data-driven; once we find and extract quality data, how can it help us serve our customers better; how do we monetize that; do we have the right skillsets to facilitate this?”

Outside of work, Meredith has been a longtime practitioner of yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Be sure to check back frequently for the newest updates from Meredith Leigh Pratt on UX Research and UX Design.